Terms and Conditions – Colors

We are happy to welcome you as a guest in our home!

For everyone’s benefit we have the following RULES and EXPECTATIONS that WE EXPECT WILL BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES while staying as a guest in our home. House Rules

– Check out 11am / Check in 3pm

– Please keep music and noise to a minimum and respect the other residents. Quiet hours are 10pm-7am

– We DO NOT allow any EVENTS OR PARTIES, OF ANY KIND, AND PRIOR CONSENT MUST BE GIVEN to any guests entering our home not listed on the reservation! If a party or event of ANY kind occurs on the property there WILL BE an IMMEDIATE $500 FEE, plus any damages, fines, and clean-up costs will be ALL BE CHARGED BACK TO THE GUEST! IN THE EVENT AN UNAUTHORIZED PARTY OR EVENT HAPPENS, ALL GUESTS will be ESCORTED OFF OF THE PREMISES IMMEDIATELY! This is a SERIOUS OFFENCE, and we treat it as such! Unfortunately, due to some previous significant circumstances, we’ve had to install security cameras on the EXTERIOR ONLY of the home, and NoiseAware, noise detection equipment. This measures decibel levels, and tells us when noise is a problem! We will be checking to be sure the person who booked, is the person checking in, as well, that the numbers correlate with the number of stated guests entering our home. Any guests NOT on the reservation must be approved, and will be expected to clear out once quiet hours start, which is 10pm.

– Please leave the home in the same tidy condition you found it in! We go to great lengths to ensure our home is in excellent condition when you arrive. Our expectation is that we will find it in the SAME tidy condition when you leave. We will of course vacuum, sweep, wash floors, and expect to clean, we just ask that you leave the place tidy, trash picked up, things that we consider to be common courtesy when staying as a guest in someone else’s home. Any EXCESSIVE cleaning fees, that causes our cleaner to have to stay longer than what is scheduled, and expected, is charged to us, and WILL BE CHARGED BACK TO THE GUEST.

– ALL guests MUST be stated in the reservation. No UNSTATED guests allowed! Preparations for your arrival are made based on how many guests are expected, as listed on your reservation. If this was your home, we believe you’d want to know who was staying overnight too, and as such, there will be a $50 fee for any guests who stay overnight who are not on the reservation, regardless of age. For safety and insurance reasons we MUST be aware of each and every person staying in our home at all times!

– Please remove shoes when inside.

– Absolutely no smoking inside the condo INCLUDING NO MARIJUANA USE inside! The smoking of cigarettes, or the use of marijuana in the condo WILL result in an IMMEDIATE DISCHARGE from the property, as well as a $500 penalty for the complete and thorough detailing it necessitates in order to have the property ready for our next guests. Guests will also be responsible to PAY FOR any and all DAMAGES or BURN HOLES the smoking causes over and above the $500 smoking fee. You are more than welcome to smoke outside on the patio , away from the front doorway area, as long as butts are removed appropriately. Please smoke on the patio only and use the ashtrays provided. Do not ash over railings.

– Please use the garbage cans provided. Garbage / Recycling bins located in the Parkade.

– No candles or incense allowed indoors.

– No access to locked areas.

– Clean up thoroughly and please put all dishes in the dishwasher and please start the dishwasher before checking out. Soap tabs are located under the kitchen sink.

– Do not leave cooking devices unattended at any time.

– Know where the first aid kit and fire extinguishers are as well as know where all available exits are in case of emergency. Important numbers and location of medical services are provided in the house manual as well as the property address. There are stairwells on either side of the hall. If there is a fire alarm, exit the building immediately. Building has security cameras for everyone’s safety and security located on the outside patio, underground parking lot, front entrance ways & in shared common areas. Noise decibel monitoring device (Noise Aware) is located inside the unit. Please be respectful of loud noise and keep noise to a minimum especially during quiet hours 10pm-7am.

Condo Building Bylaws

– Security of the building and the residents is very important. To help minimize safety concerns, please remember …

– Should any doors be propped open, please close them. – Please do not let any strangers into the building. Make sure they have a key.

– To help deter thieves, when driving into the parkade, please ensure no one sneaks into the parkade while the door is open. – Main garbage bins are located on main level in parkade.

– If you see anyone suspicious please call the police and/or notify the host.

– No smoking indoors.

– After hours (10pm-7am) please keep the noise level down in the halls and in the common areas and respect the other residents that may have to work early the next day. Patio Rules

– Please keep music and noise to a minimum. Quiet hours are 10pm-7am

– Abide by the City of Calgary Noise Bylaw. 11pm-7am

That’s it! We choose to focus on our many, many, fantastic guests, this is only for those few who need a reminder that when you stay in a vacation rentals it means you’re a guest in someone’s home.

We’re happy you’re here! Enjoy your stay.

Chris & Shelley