Who are we?

We are a home sharing management company based out of Calgary, AB, Canada, that helps homeowners and investors with rental properties like yourself stray away from being traditional landlords and generate up to 2x if not more income throughout the year than you normally would by renting to a traditional tenant. Our goal is simple, introduce people to the new era of “rental” properties and help put more money in your pocket by doing the exact same thing you would do as if you had a regular tenant.

 We do this by simply turning your home into a BNB (bed and breakfast) and having short term guest over rather than long term tenants. Don’t get left behind. We live in a world of instant gratification. Everything is becoming faster, easier, and more accessible and the only way to survive in this new world is to let go of what was and adapt to what is.

“It is not the strongest of the species, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”

— Charles Darwin

Program 1 – Manage the listing

We’re not your average property management company. While other companies charge their clients for their service, we compensate ours. We will manage your listing and take charge of everything. We’ll get your place bnb ready. We’ll take the pictures, post it on Airbnb and other vacation rental websites, take care of the guests and all their questions, handle minor service repairs, contract cleaning services etc. The only thing we do not provide is the furniture (staging costs).  That is to be taken care of by owner but we will help get it ready by recommending what to get and where the best deals can be found. We split the total monthly revenue with the owner 70/30. 70% to the owner and 30% in management fees. 

EG. If the property earns $3000 / month in revenue the owner earns $2100 and splits $900 in management fees. This can be more lucrative offering more in monthly cash flow than a long term tenant paying $1500/ month.

This is also lucrative for larger luxury homes earning 10k+ / month in revenue. $7000 to the owner and 3k in management fees.

The potential revenue with a vacation rental can be significant to good, experienced, responsible hosts that know what they are doing when designing a vacation rental listing for Airbnb, staging the property, dealing and vetting quality guests and marketing the property. We are continuously educated leaders and students in the vacation rental industry, are members of the Home Hosting Safety Program and love what we do. We have been managing Airbnb properties since 2017 and been traveling  using Airbnb since 2013.

Program 2 – Sign your Lease

We do everything from Program 1. The difference is we come to an agreement with the lease. Simply meaning we will sign the lease as if we were to be regular tenants. We will be bound to the lease for as long as the lease terms are set and you will be guaranteed your rent. What separates us from regular tenants here is, with your permission, we will host guest through Airbnb while maintaining your property at its highest standards with professional cleanings multiple times a week and we will also take care of all minor maintenance issues so you will never be bothered with that. We will also provide the needed furniture for this option.

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